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Unlimited Power by Tony Ribbons

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Unlimited Power

Tony Robbins’ Unlimited Power: A Review

Are you looking for books to read about meeting your goals? Unlimited Power is a popular book by Anthony Robbins. It was first published in July of 1986 by Ballantine Books. This book was written by well-known self-help guru Robbins at the age of 25 remains one of his most popular self-help works.


The Power of Modelling

Both readers and critics note that one of the most significant concepts in Unlimited Power is that of what he refers to as “The Power of Modelling.” The basic idea is from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. The main point of the concept is that if one person can achieve something in life, other people can achieve it too–be it make lots of money, beat depression, win the love of your dreams or lose 100 pounds.

The book goes on to note that the way one achieves the same success as others who have already reached their goals is by modeling them. One must model their beliefs, their thoughts, their speech, how they use their body and the actions they took to get where they are today. Use their exact steps and actions to reach the same, exact results.

Robbins includes information on how to utilize NLP. He also writes about other NLP-derived patterns and techniques in Unlimited Power. His book includes discussions of the use of sub-modalities motivation and how to change your beliefs.


Robbins’ Formula For Ultimate Success

This is the book in which he first introduced readers to his personal “Ultimate Success Formula.” (This is the original, simple four-step formula which he would later go on to expand upon in future books.) The original four steps–which have stood the test of time in this book genre–are as follows:



Know what your goal is. The more specific your goal is the more likely you will be to reach it.



Take action to reach your goal.


Determine Response:

Learn how to be able to notice what is happening as the result of your actions so that you can understand if you are getting anywhere or not.


Change And Adapt Until You Reach Your Goal:

Learn how to be flexible so you can change your actions ‘til you reach your goal.

Conclusion:  Buy Unlimited Power.