The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

By November 1, 2016Books


The Magic of Big Thinking

David Schwartz has the right idea in “The Magic of Thinking Small”.  Think Big.


Common sense plan

All my life I pursued what I call the “common sense plan.”  Get good grades in high school to get into a decent college, do well in college to get into a job in my field and work in that field for the rest of my life.  After 45 years in my choosen profession, retire and live the rest of my life living the American dream.


There were two errors in my “common sense plan,” which I realized after reading “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz:

  • I was eighteen when I “choose” my field.
  • I am an evolving human being who can adapt

Why think small?

What has thinking small provided you.  Financial security?  The freedom to control your destiny?  Thinking small has not provided any of these things.  I know I will find my success by dreaming big, and visualizing my sucess.

Why I like The Magic of Thinking Big

“The Magic of Thinking Big” is a book you can ready and apply to business. My major takeaway was changing my attitude and adding value in my endeavors.  You become financially secure and take control of your destiny when you add value to those around you.  Don’t concentrate on failures and quick results – success takes time to accumulate, so be persistent and think big.


Read “The Magic of Thinking Big” for the following reasons:

  • You feel like something is missing from your current life.
  • You want to be inspired.


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